Song: Hovvdy – I’m. Sorry <br> review

by Chris Hatch

Hovvdy’s 2019 album, Heavy Lifter, was a Secret Meeting favourite – a mix of irresistible melodies, laconic songwriting, and dreamy, inventive production. This week’s new single, I’m Sorry, continues in similar vein – a short, sweet, blur that pulls you in and wraps itself around you in two-and-a-half gorgeous minutes.

Quick on the heels of Runner, I’m Sorry is the kind of understated song that, in another band’s hands, could quite happily drift by without leaving much of a mark, but Hovvdy have a knack for making music that sticks around with you. The simplicity of their songwriting has parallels with We Have The Facts-era Death Cab for Cutie – their melodies conjure up turn-of-the-millennium bedroom emo, while production-wise, Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Courtney Marie Andrews, Chastity Belt) doesn’t rock the boat and continues the layered, labyrinthine style of their previous album, as manipulated vocal samples, breathy vocoder overdubs, and distant acoustic guitars and synths come together to create something akin to a Sandy (Alex G) record.

There’s a subtle charm to Hovvdy that almost makes you want to keep them for yourself. Their records have the intimacy of early-demo recordings, the ‘pillow core’ label that they have (maybe jokingly) slapped on themselves really couldn’t be more apt, and each new release feels like a little secret that was made only to be heard by you. A whisper for your ears only.

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