Album: POSTDATA – Run Wild review

A bold acceptance of life and its many challenges

By Craig Howieson

Life is not without its battles. And often the toughest fights we face are those we have with ourselves. Our propensity to second guess our choices can be crippling; Are we studying the right thing? Are we in the right job? Have we surrounded ourselves with the right people? Even the most confident individuals waver in their belief of the path they have chosen. And if you subscribe to the butterfly effect, we are altering our future on a near constant basis.

These themes run through the exceptional new record from POSTDATA, the solo project of Wintersleep’s Paul Murphy. And perhaps the pitfalls of carving out a career as a musician bring these fights to the forefront for those in the profession more than most. That being said, Run Wild is not a dark reflection of daily battles. Instead it is a bold acceptance of life and its many challenges, and basks in the opportunities that can still be grasped, instead of those previously squandered.

The title track has a hazy new-wave buoyancy. Its cocktail-sipping chorus unconcerned about the impending hangover. Meanwhile the simple indie rock strum of Look To The Stars encourages you to take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is all around you, all you have to do is look. Hardship is not overlooked though and Dead Man and Moons both creak with a post-punk shuffle, evoking weary eyes that have seen one too many fist fights. 

Murphy’s voice holds such a gravitas that you would sit up and take notice regardless of what he was singing. But once again on Run Wild, he has the songs to back up his talent, and instils listeners that they are on the right path. And even if they aren’t there’s still plenty of opportunity to change lanes.

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