Song: Eels – Baby Let’s Make It Real review

By Phil Scarisbrick

‘How ‘bout a new song to get your mind off your troubles for three minutes and 55 seconds? Play it again if you want to double that time.’ The words that signalled the return of Eels. The surprise post from bandleader, Mark Oliver Everett, was to unveil Baby Let’s Make It Real – the first new music from the band since 2018’s The Deconstruction.

The piano-led track is a quintessential slice of Eels’ pop music. ‘I’ve got to be careful, trying to hold on to the past,’ sings Mr. E, yet what we hear could slot into almost any era of the band’s 25 year career. That’s what makes it so delightful. Like greeting an old friend you haven’t seen for a while, and picking up right where you left off, the familiarity only adds to the charm. The loose sounding drums and fuzzy guitar pair with the initial piano line to create a soundtrack matching our narrator’s mood. The sense of urgency is only enhanced by the straining of Everett’s voice in the choruses.

Baby Let’s Make It Real sees Everett’s yearning for a casual relationship transform into a fully fledged romantic one. For fans, the yearning will be for this near four minute peek to transform into a fully fledged record.

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