Album: Jeremy Tuplin – Violet Waves review

by Joseph Purcell

Last year’s Pink Mirror found Jeremy Tuplin in excellent form. Now he returns no longer just the satirical bard, but as a fully emboldened auteur of space folk – donning his spacesuit, and setting off into a dark synth galactic brimming with glam pop. Violet Waves showing him to be the emerging contender for the crown worn for so long by Wayne Coyne.

On this spirited voyage, his witty, almost spoken word delivery and lyrical visualisations allow the record to lift off at a sharp pace. Lead single, Space Magic, floats gravity free – a track of hazy exploration packed with exuberant guitars and exploding snaps of delight on an enchanting mixture of inspired cosmic pop.

The record’s peak, though, comes in the superb run that anchors the second side. The Idiot, an immaculate sauntering gem, gleams with pop swagger; Tuplin’s vocal brings to mind I Spy-era Jarvis Cocker. While the meandering heartfelt beauty of Sally’s in a Coma and She Speaks to Me are also delightfully charming.

Violet Waves is a victory for Jeremy Tuplin. Pink Mirror delivered one of 2019’s most unexpected and cherished highlights. Violet Waves is every bit as mesmerising, only this time, it is not so surprising.

Secret Meeting score: 82

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