Francis of Delirium – Circles review

by Chris Hatch

Francis Of Delirium’s upcoming debut EP, All Change, is a lane-hopping mix of complex guitar pop, heartfelt emo, and raw emotion. And to tide you over until its release in May, the Luxembourg-based duo, who have newly signed to Dalliance Records (Gia Margaret, Wilsen, Common Holly), have announced latest single, Circles – out now.

Initial comparisons to the likes of Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy feel like a fair assessment – lead singer, Jana Bahrich, possesses the same yearning, understated vocal style as the two emo-pop revivalists, but there’s a quiet confidence to the 18 year old’s songwriting that puts it in a realm of its own.

Circles is a song about exactly that – thoughts and regrets that cartwheel back on themselves, as Bahrich’s voice transforms from quiet uncertainty to lung-busting assertiveness in the blink of an eye, as she deals with the cycle of emotions that accompany the loss of a first love. ‘Safe in the warmth of denial’s breath,’ she sings over luscious, sparkling acoustic guitars, in attempt to articulate some of the strange, contradictory feelings she is wrestling with.

Circles is a break-up song dressed up as a love song. Its mix of glossy, glittery production and sweet, poppy melodies are a safe, warm blanket wrapped around Bahrich’s insecurities. But she isn’t a prisoner to her own emotions – by the time the track reaches its conclusion, Bahrich has found a crack in the circle and can start to feel it unreel. ‘I’m still sad it’s over, but I’m not going under,’ she sings, armed with nothing but her voice and an acoustic guitar. It’s the most confident and assertive she’s sounded so far. And we think she’ll be okay.

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