Dana Gavanski – Yesterday Is Gone review

by Joseph Purcell

Vancouver born, Dana Gavanski, began her musical journey through the Serbian culture of her childhood. Steeped in the heritage of her family’s homeland, the songwriter stumbled upon her emotionally packed vocal range from an early stage. Debut album, Yesterday is Gone finds Gavanski on introspectively reflecting on her journey so far.

Building upon the understated folk flavour of 2017 debut EP, Spring Demos, Yesterday is Gone finds Gavanski in a more focussed mindset. It is bolder, and swaggers with an effervescence, which floods from the choral synths and more aggressive guitar riffs. Credit here must go the co-production team of Gavanski, Sam Gleason and Mike Lindsay (Tunng), who get the balance just right across this fine full length debut.

Opener, One by One, pitches the haunting tones of Nico with delivery of Cate Le Bon, to the deadpan snap of a marching band, as it disorientates in a heart warming euphoria. Trouble is an undoubted standout – its churning guitars cast in opposition to Gavanski’s delicate voice.  While title track, Yesterday is Gone, allows Gavanski to wrestle with the breakup that provided the impetus for the record, in an endearing voyage of constant internal debate.

Yesterday is Gone is an excellent introduction for those that are new to the world of Dana Gavanski. It is a confident journey of heritage, expression and heartbreak – and a debut that certainly leaves us wanting more.

Secret Meeting score: 77

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