Five Right Now: <br> Nightshift

Glasgow five-piece, Nightshift, only formed in 2019, but the collective of scene stalwarts is about to deliver second album, Zöe – full of leftfield, hooky hypno-pop – on February 26th via Chicago-based label Trouble In Mind.

Recorded remotely during the various lockdowns, the isolated way of working has helped give licence to this free-thinking set to double down on the individual creativity that sets them apart, all the while creating a cohesive record that offers immersive rhythms and hooks that burrow deep.

Latest single, Power Cut, is a synth-soaked slice of inventive dreaminess atop a post-punk backdrop, with singer Eothen Stearn shining with an understated delivery that perfectly complements the psych-leanings and sprawling instrumental breaks.

They spoke with Secret Meeting about some of the best under-the-radar acts around…

Lady Neptune (picked by Eothen – keyboards/ vocals)

The most cosmic gabba I ever experienced. Moema Meade is a force that hypnotises and get your spirit moving. Politically-loud dance music from a genius based in Glasgow.

Guttersnipe (picked by Georgia – guitar/ vocals/ clarinet)

This duo seem to come up from Leeds about once a year and sonically destroy Glasgow, flailing drumming limbs akimbo, squiggling guitars and vocals, channelling chaotic destruction and giving me tinnitus for days after.  So worth it.  They’re also absolutely lovely folk.  I feel like this album was ahead of its time – the perfect soundtrack to 2020, released in 2018.

The Native Cats (picked by Chris – drums)

I heard this on WFMU last year and thought it was great. I’d not heard of the band before but they are a duo from Tasmania and have been going for years. They combine some cool synth noises, bass guitar and nice kinda pissed off-sounding singing.  The song Run With The Roses features a short metronome solo(!).

Susannah Stark (picked by Andrew – bass)

I saw Susannah play a night for Spitehouse (a Glasgow based collective Eo is involved with) and then I supported her as Robert Sotelo and she was so good each time. This LP came out on the brilliant Stroom label last year and it is so sleek and atmospheric, totally expanding on her already great live show with loads of brass and rhythmic coolness and Susannah’s great voice and words! There’s a kind of contemporary tech-minimalism to it but it has this sort of 1993 vibe also.

Sweet Williams (picked by David – guitar)

My friends in Sweet Williams are an occasionally shifting line-up of rather fine folk that contribute to helping realise Thomas House’s brilliant songs live and on record, when he isn’t recording them very prolifically himself. He has his own Patreon under the name T House (of Sweet Williams) where he posts fine things to listen to often… Shout outs to the Swilliams crew… Sarah Dobson, Andy Thomas, Lisa Lavery, Katie Weeks, William Fedarb, Tom Barnes and the Picore crew in Spain amongst others…

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