Better known for her involvement with Taylor Swift and HAIM supporting BROODS, Georgia Nott has an equally impressive solo venture, named simply Georgia Gets By. Her debut EP, Fish Bird Baby Boy, is a collection of five guitar heavy, indie-folk ruminations that pour over some of her most formative experiences, weighing up the highs and lows that have shaped her very existence. And based on the quality of songs on display there is plenty here to point towards this solo project becoming much more than something she does in her downtime. Below, Nott breaks down her five favourite tracks of the moment.

Cryogeyser – Hive

This song by Cryogeyser is my latest obsession for sure. Shawn Marom’s vocal delivery is always the perfect combination of un-phased and convicting. This one is such a shameless love song too. It’s inspiring.

Julie Byrne – The Greater Wings

I was staying with a friend and they played the latest Julie Byrne record over breakfast and it was the most gentle start to a day. I’ve been returning to this song in particular. Maybe its the melodies that carry through lightly like a little feather on the wind, or maybe its the line ‘you’re always in the band,’ but it destroys me in the most pleasant way.

Spike Fuck – Guts

I first heard this song driving out to the beach at the beginning of winter and it was very fitting. It is so gentle yet so cutting. Just the way I like it, honestly. That contrast of light and dark is something I find really comforting.

Womb – Oceans

I think the best way to describe Womb is “DREAMY”. Like crushing hard on someone kind of dreamy. It makes me think of falling in love. That panging and pining. The type of pain you, low key, enjoy.

Rita Mae – Secrets Out

My brother sent me this song a while back and it fully stopped me in my tracks. Since that first release, Rita Mae has since put out a full LP called, Superfeeling, that makes me envious of teenagers of today, simply because, they have access to her music during the angsty run up to adulthood. Rita is a genius.

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