Song: Francis Lung – Bad Hair Day

By Joseph Purcell

Bustling with angular guitar riffs and melodic snaps of 60’s surf pop, Francis Lung returns with  Bad Hair Day – the first track from his forthcoming record, Miracle.

The power-pop chords instantly strike the ear as Bad Hair Day soars with an upbeat, sunshine feel. Unashamedly catchy, and intersected by the searing strings that have become the ex-Wu-Lyf man’s signature, the austere lyrics are in complete contrast to the bubbly pop sound. On Bad Hair Day, Lung takes aim at that sinking ‘morning after the night before feeling,’ and a litany of rueful missed connections. His vocal laced with lament, ‘I’ve been calling on you all night / But I never get through, I just get in the way / I am a cloud in the sun’s light / Whatever I do, whatever I say.’ Lung, battling with his emotional torment, uses his music to confront these issues, working through them to cement a more positive personal outlook.

Bad Hair Day is Lung’s first step in breaking from the difficult battles of his past. This is his moment to celebrate the unique healing quality of music; something that right now feels more relatable than ever.

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