Single of the week: Le Ren ft. Buck Meek – Early Morning Rain review

by Philip Moss

Quite often, the pathetic fallacy of a downpour can signify misery. But there’s something romantic about the sound of the morning rain – pitter pattering against the glass –  as you awaken. And despite the initial, dampened feel to this interpretation of Gordon Lightfoot’s Early Morning Rain, there is more than a ray of light that starts to peek through.

Following on from last year’s debut EP, Morning & Melancholia, Montreal based songwriter, Lauren Spear aka Le Ren, glows with a sixties’ country shimmer on a melody she was made to sing. Although written from the first person perspective of a lover missing their love, the choice of Buck Meek as a companion voice is an inspired one too. There’s a poetic feel to the pair’s voices combining, as if – although apart – their words are a love letter heading through the mail to let the other know that there will always be hope – despite how much they’re missed.

Duets are an all to rare occurrence in contemporary music – here, Le Ren and Buck Meek present us with a special reminder of that.

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