Single of the week: Lunar Vacation – Gears review

by Anjali DasSarma

Lunar Vacation’s Gears takes the band in a darker direction – while still bringing their classic and recognisable silky vocals along for the ride.

There is a consistent, plaintive questioning quality to Lunar Vacation’s lyrics, and Gears is no different – with its charming meta references. Though the bridge is reminiscent of early Lunar Vacation (think Blue Honey or The Basement), Gears’ synthesizer sounds a bit more like Roses by ABRA than Lunar Vacation’s other hits, as the sharp percussion and bass transition gives a welcome edge. We’re grateful, of course, for Grace Repasky’s vocals – the consistent thread throughout their career thus far.

The singles that have been released are a cohesive mesh of references (we see you Wilco!), delicious bass hooks and bouncing synth lines. It’s an understatement to say Lunar Vacation does indie pop in the best way. We find ourselves relating to the lyrics, while the instrumental never fails to make us dance and shake our heads – an ode to youth, change and welcomed complications.

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