Five Right Now: Nijuu

Moving from seascapes to the woodlands, on latest EP, nijuu in the forest, the South Korean born but London based dream pop artist, nijuu, has delivered yet another beautiful insight into the world that surrounds her. Full of her signature ‘nijuu’ serenity, while her newer works will still resonate with those that fell in love with the tranquility of previous EP, nijuu in the sea, what this latest body of work offers is something that feels distinctly more mature. Rather than being lost in a world of her own, in awe of her surroundings, it seems that nijuu is now fully aware of the environment that surrounds her. Just as aware of its perils as she is of its charm.

With nijuu in the forest out now on State51, we spoke to the songwriter to see who she has been listening to while making these tracks. These are her picks:

Bedouine – Nice and Quiet

Bedouine’s Nice and Quiet is my favouriteeee song ever. I really love this song. It always makes me feel calm, nice and quiet. Actually, all of Bedouine’s songs make me like that. This song is masterpiece and I think it is so underrated. Her album, Bird Songs of a Killjoy, is one of my favourites as it contains such a calm glow and a lullaby nature that I aim to try and create in my own music. This track is a song off her earlier record and for me it feels like I’m being held gently with each listen. 

Emiliana Torrini – dead duck

Emiliana Torini has always been my favourite artist since I was very young. She is from Iceland and her singing is mystical and full of beauty. My favourite song is dead duck. I can’t explain why I love this song. I just found her accidentally, and she’s been in my playlist ever since.

Steve Lacy – Dark Red

This tune is really DIY and catchy. My drummer and mate, Joe, showed me Steve Lacy a few years ago. He’s from California and recently I really like this song, Dark Red. He is also in a band called The Internet. This track is from an earlier EP, but he has had a full record out since, which I highly recommend checking out! I love the drum sound in this tune and the main hook is so catchy! 

Henry Webb-Jenkins – Months

Henry is our lovely friend who has just released some really beautiful music. He creates a lovely blend of Americana, country and folk and his EP called Pleased You’re With Me is out now. The track, Months, is my favourite as everything played on this song is where it is supposed to be, so neatly placed and carefully aligned and the guitar playing on this track is so beautiful. Go follow Henry and catch him live if you can. 

Dameer – Michelle

Dameer is from Thailand, but he used to live in Bangladesh. His aunt was living in England and, when he arrived here, he found his first guitar. I think he has a very unique sound and dreamy guitar sound. I found him on Spotify and I thought it was beautiful! He doesn’t actually have any specific information out but his album is really worth a try. Every time I listen, his music takes me back to my childhood.

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