Song: Alex Jayne – Pictures review

by Joseph Purcell

Crashing ethereal waves signal the opening moments of Alex Jayne’s poignant new single Pictures – the fourth of a signature year for the London based songwriter. Once more in in reflective form following previous release, Clouds, Jayne guides us through past moments of pain and reminds us that whilst the plight may fade, but the memory should not, and, instead, these experiences should be channelled into allowing us to forge ahead.

Pictures arrives at the perfect moment – allowing us a moment to look back on a year filled with difficulties. Lyrically pertinent, Jayne conjures detailed scenes, and all packed with an emotional punch. Each image she describes acts as a moment in time – a flash back to the relationship upon which the track is focussed – backed perfectly by a melancholic soundscape.

Despite the reflection, Jayne was determined not let nostalgic thoughts misrepresent her experiences, and cast them in a more forgiving light – ‘Pictures is about breaking free from my own attachment to photographs from the past. And how easy it is to be seduced by nostalgia – to ignore the truth behind a rose-tinted lens.’

A most welcome and empowering three minutes of pop – thank you, Alex Jayne.

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