Five Right Now <br> with Lizzie Reid

Lizzie Reid is a fast-emerging Glaswegian songwriting talent, whose previous singles Tribute and Seamless have garnered much industry buzz and well-deserved acclaim.

Recently signed to 7476 Records, having supported the likes of The Staves and Nilufer Yanya and gained Radio 1 airplay, Reid has announced her upcoming EP, Cubicle, with the lead single, Always Lovely, an achingly-intimate and inventive showcase of storytelling and self-awareness.

Having come up through the Glasgow scene, Reid spoke to Secret Meeting about some of her favourite emerging local talent…

Dead Pony

Dead Pony are one of my favourite bands to listen to when I need to let loose and rock out for a bit. They are so consistent with their releases, all of which have been banging tunes with big banging choruses. I can’t wait to see them live again and go wild.

Bobby Kakouris

Bobby Kakouris is one of my favourite songwriters in Scotland. They have the most delicate sound with lyrics that contrast in such a dark, bittersweet way. Every song is a beautiful gem, packed with counter-melodies and harmonies that will knock your socks off.

Scarlett Randle

Scarlett Randle has one of the most beautiful singing voices I’ve heard. She has such a soft yet rich tone that never fails to impress, particularly with her live performances. You don’t want to miss her latest releases (produced by her and BOBBIE) which have such a warm, dreamy, electro pop feel.

Zoe Graham

I still remember the first time seeing Zoe live and she is something else! She is such an all-round class musician, and is capable of holding a crowd with just herself, a synth, electric guitar and loop pedal. It’s so impressive and captivating to watch.

Russell Stewart

Russell is the most soulful guy in TOWN, with the most gorgeous voice! His single Midsummer is such a feel-good song and has had lots of well-deserved attention. You’ll want to keep an ear out for his next single, Citrus (produced by VanIves).

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