Kate Teague – Track by Track

by Kate Teague

My debut EP is a collection of songs that I’ve written over the last few years. A couple of them are some of the very first songs I wrote post-college, and others are more recently composed. Throughout the whole EP, I can personally hear my evolution as an artist, but, ultimately, all of the songs represent my evolution as an adult human and just working shit out through writing about it.

This song is for my sister who was going through a difficult break up. Turns out she did find a new man who’s awesome, so that’s good!

Good to You:
This song originated from a demo my bassist and I did together and the rest was written in the studio. I also wrote the lyrics post-studio. I just kept listening to the rough mix over and over again with the “doos” I sung with the melody line and crafted lyrics to fit that.

The Spill:
I think this might be my oldest song on the EP. I wrote this while observing a difficult experience my roommate was going through. Our town is small, so it affected a lot of people.

In Our Element:
When you think you are vibe-ing off someone, and then it turns out you’re just full of yourself and they aren’t thinking about you at all. That’s what this is about.

My band was rehearsing this song for like a month before a tour and I had no lyrics. We were driving down to our first show in Nola, and my friend was driving and I furiously wrote these lyrics based off an experience I had with a co-worker the day before, and then I started thinking about other experiences I had with male colleagues. And then I just got really worked up and finished the song by the time we pulled into town. That was satisfying.

Low Life:
This song is the reason this EP is being released right now. It was my first piece of music I ever recorded/put out on the internet under my name. I was really nervous about it, but the response was so encouraging that I decided to work towards recording more music.

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