Sound & Vision with Leggy

Leggy’s debut album, Let Me Know Your Moon, is out now on Sheer Luck Records. And having already picked up glowing reviews from Stereogum, Noisey, GoldFlakePaint and The Grey Estates, they are a band you need to get your ears around!

Now, not only have we got one lot of Sound & Vision picks from the Cincinnati dream punks, but two – as singer, Veronique Allaer, and drummer, Chris Campbell, share their choices:

Vero’s three favourite albums:

Coral Fang by The Distillers

Brody Dalle blew my mind with her ferocity and complete ownership of her sexuality in this album. It was amazing what she could do with power chords and her voice – yowling totally without inhibitions , and with no desire at all to coddle, to be pleasing, to be subdued. Her gravelly growl demanded attention and respect and every punk I knew loved her – and her being a successful and famous woman in the male dominated punk scene of the early 2000s also fascinated me and was fodder for countless daydreams in which I was her instead.

Channel Orange by Frank Ocean

This album holds such a special place in my heart . During my last year living in Washington DC with my two best friends from college this record was being played nonstop. It was a classic “crossroads” time in all our lives, knowing that a chapter in our lives was ending and feeling really scared and uncertain for what was next to come. We would put on Channel Orange for all occasions – to chill, to smoke, to pregame, to dance around and be stupid and 22. Listening to it now makes waves of nostalgia roll over me, like Frank’s voice and syrup.

Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

On this album, Lana demonstrates that pop music can be extremely patient and slow and still absolutely compelling. To me, that seemed counterintuitive before hearing this. There is power in stillness and quietness. It is the perfect album to put on and lounge around forlornly. Ultraviolence also sounds to textural to me – I think the first time I understood the concept of soundscapes was while listening to this album.

Chris’ three favourite albums: 

Mississippi John Hurt – 1928 Okeh Recordings

Perfect blues top to bottom, MJH changed my life and these recordings are flawless. Not sure what I could add as I’m sure everything that could be said about these songs and era of his career has already been said. Beautiful guitar playing and tone, beautiful vocals, truly soothing while being impactful and moving, endlessly influential and always appropriate. Think this version of Spike Driver Blues legit might be my favourite song of all time.

Pissed Jeans – Honeys

Pummelling and relentless, love this record. It’s not reinventing the wheel, more of a perfectly inflated new tire, or wheel. Whatever. The singles rip and everything else on it brings the heat. Not usually all that into all dude bands but Pissed Jeans is alright. Read an interview with Matt Corvette where he talks about Romanticize Me and Male Gaze being acknowledgements of misogny and male privilege in life + music/hardcore/noise rock etc etc so that’s chill. A theme they continued on Why Love Now. Better than Jesus Lizard, go ahead and @ me posers. At least Matt doesn’t get naked and do gross shit at shows like Yow. Anyway yeah love this one.

Sade – Love Deluxe

Again – a pretty canonised classic. Masterful songwriting, singing, playing and “vibes”. Damn. Hell yeah. Just put it on. Whether you’re working, chilling, smooching, whatever – perfect tunes. Just go put it on now. Then watch Lovers Live and put on every other Sade record because they’re all gold. No Ordinary Love is in my top five favourite songs.

Vero’s favourite book:

The Seas by Samantha Hunt

This book is haunting . The young female protagonist seems unhinged, in need of love, and a bit feral . You also realise she is an unreliable narrator. The language of the book beautifully reflects her bizarre trains of thought. It’s super interesting, peculiar and massively thought provoking .

Chris’ favourite book:

Kim Gordon – Girl in a Band

Love Kim Gordon and love this book. Cool reading about her life and experiences and struggles and successes. SY was a big influence and Kim was always my favourite member, loved free kitten and everything too. Real shit. Good shit.

Vero’s favourite film:

Hercules the Disney movie

I have loved this movie since the first time I ever saw it as a kid. Megara , the love interest of Hercules, was a badass boss bitch. I have also always loved Greek Mythology in every form . Hercules forever y’all. Also, I have a huge Pegasus tattoo on my thigh. So, literally Hercules forever.

Chris’ favourite film:

Josie and The Pussycats

I can’t think of many movies I’ve seen more times or love more than this one. An amazing soundtrack, great 90s hyper corporate lighting and editing, tongue in cheek product placement and humour, celebrity cameos, all star cast, quotable as all get out, funny and fun with a message to boot. I’ll always rep this movie and will always get hyped on a Josie OST cover set.

Vero’s favourite song:

Padraic My Prince by Bright Eyes

This song is massively beautiful and totally depressing – everything I could ask for as an “emo” kid (who more identified as “indie” hehe). Conor’s lyrics make me fucking cry and his voice cracks and it’s so honest sounding. I can’t believe he wrote this when he was literally like 19. I mean, Jesus ! I love you Conor and I’m here for you .

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