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Following their July single, Regretting It, Rosehip Teahouse continue to whet our appetite for their upcoming EP, Chillin’ In The Void – out on Sad Club Records on 14th August – with their latest single, Thought Number 3.

In preparation for the EP, we caught up with the Cardiff five piece to find out what new acts are currently on their radar. These are Rosehip Teahouse’s Five Right Now picks:

Faye Rogers: Shreddies – Thoughts & Prayers

Shreddies is the gloriously mysterious project of our very own, unbelievably talented, Josh. Undoubtedly, it is some of the best shredded beats you will ever find. It will make you feel oh so powerful walking down the street while making it almost impossible not to wiggle your body like some beautiful sea creature as you go.

Will Dickins: Chubby and The Gang – All Along The Uxbridge Road

One of the best new punk bands to erupt from the last year or so. A number of the members have been playing in the UK punk circuit for years in various bands, but this is probably the embodiment of songs they’ve taken the most ‘seriously’ over the years, as far as I can tell. Just a gaggle of London boys making really quick paced hardcore/oi music for fans of footy and lager.

Josh Dickins: Jiujuk – Mret-Vu

Jiujuk is an old friend of mine. He lives somewhere out in the Welsh wilderness – as far as I know, spending his time picking mushrooms and making a really unique tribal flavour of ambient house music. Parts of this album make me feel like I’m being chased through a rainforest by a komodo dragon.

Tony Williams: Małgola, No – Pineapple Pear

Malgola writes really unique, poppy Lynchian ear worms. Pineapple Pear is like yacht rock and 80s summer nostalgia bangers mixed with end-of-the-world, gotta do something in this pandemic lo-fi vibes.

Alice Low: Jezebel – to be . .

Jezebel is an artist from Liverpool who I met while living in Brighton last year. Her music is dark and imaginative, and full of wonderful, unique ideas.

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