Single of the week: Rosehip Teahouse – Regretting It review

by Philip Moss

Being overwhelmed by events in your life can really take its toll – to the point where you question everything, start to make decisions that you know aren’t right, but are left feeling like the wrong options are the only choice in that moment. Cardiff based songwriter, Faye Rogers, found herself in exactly that place, and the inability to cope with her emotions spilled into new single, Regretting It.

Already championed by the likes of 6 Music’s Marc Riley, and Rough Trade, Regretting It marks the band’s first physical outing since the release of their double A-side, Growth, in 2019. With the chipper melody akin to Snail Mail, and the nuanced social observation of Frankie Cosmos, Rogers micros in on the relatable feeling of trying to look forward, but being caught in the moment because the idea that reflection could bring regret feels too much to take – ‘I dunno if I’ll be alright when things go back to normal – when I’m on my own again…’ 

Regretting It was a song Rogers had to get out of her system – and the decision to record the song during lockdown was great one – both cathartically for her, and for the aural benefit of everyone who happens to hear it. Yet another exciting release from Sad Club Records.

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