EP: Francis of Delirium – Wading review

by Chris Hatch

A hop-skip of subtle changes from their debut EP sees Francis Of Delirium continuing to hone a sound that’s becoming more and more their own

Over the course of Wading, it’s clear to see just how far Francis Of Delirium have come in such a short space of time. The beautifully spectral soft-grunge of their debut EP, All Change, still forms the main body of Francis Of Delirium’s sound, but the spikes of catchy pop punk are this time replaced by a perception that songwriter, Jana Bahrich, is ready to open up completely – and embark on a journey of openness and self-discovery.

There’s a sense of a burgeoning maturity too – both musically and lyrically. The gorgeous multi-parted harmony section midway through single, Let It All Go; the way that floaty, airy guitar tones play against hacked and slashed octaves on Red; the open-hearted honesty of lead singer, Jana Bahrich, on EP closer, I Think I’m Losing (‘I was sick of so much/I puked out my guts just to get up’) – it all points towards a band who have found their path and are confidently setting out on it.

And while the songwriting duo of Jana Bahrich and Chris Hewett seem to have found the sound that fits them best (the closest comparison being the huge sounding grunge of Big Deal’s June Gloom album), there’s a versatility and unpredictability to the four tracks that make up Wading. And a sense that the pair now feel comfortable enough to let their songs grow and expand at their own pace.

Wading is a hop-skip on from their debut EP – a subtle shift in sound, and an increased confidence – yet there’s still a palpable sense that their next record could be the one that sees them really fulfilling their potential, and making the leap towards something even more special than they already are.

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