EP: Francis of Delirium – All Change review

by Craig Howieson

Francis of Delirium, the latest signing to Dalliance Records increasingly impressive roster, are an interesting proposition. Comprising of Jana Bahrich and Chris Hewett, the two hold a uniquely aligned vision despite their 30 year age gap – and melding the influences of their respective generations, their debut EP, All Change, is coated in the grungey tar of the Generation X bands of the Pacific North West.

Slashing guitars and heavy palm mutes on Quit Fucking Around also displays a noticeable penchant for the 90s alt-rock scene. But far from being a tribute to their influences, Bahrich ensures the voice of her generation is heard. On opener, Broken, she delivers just two lines – ‘And we’ve all stayed the same ‘cause we’re broken /And there’s no way to change if you’re hoping’ – with a deadpan despondency that goes on to characterise her shrewd Millennial observations throughout the EP.

All Change is full of the unexplainable guilt, worry and frustration felt by an alienated youth warped by the legacy of those who came before them. On the masterful centrepiece Karen, amidst smashed guitars and snarled vocals, Bahrich warns of the corruptive influence of those seeking the prescribed normality that leads to mundanity. Karen, it would appear, is the interfering presence never content to just let you be.

Crackling with the danger of a firecracker posted through a letterbox, All Change contains plenty to explore while we await more from Bahrich and Hewett. Until then, we are left with Bahrich’s clear message: fuck the Karens of this world and their agenda, and go out and find your own freedom in the life in front of you.

Secret Meeting score: 79

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