Album: Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny haha review

by Harry Hodgson

Faye Webster’s fourth full length release, I Know I’m Funny haha, revels in its beautiful soundscape and relatable honesty

Throwing the listener between states of being enamoured and hypnotised, the lush palette of the record engages from the opening notes. Dreamy, sweeping guitar kicks off Better Distractions – a sparse song that immediately sets itself apart from Webster’s eclectic predecessor, and allows the songwriter’s stunning vocal presence to truly shine.

And the shining continues. Recent single and title track, I Know I’m Funny haha, is polished and sarcastic – a witty stream of consciousness – ‘I’m funny and then I thanked her, but I know I’m funny haha’ – that shows her tongue in cheek style at its best; just one reason why the Atlanta songwriter is so endearing. 

In a Good Way’s anaphora – ‘you make me wanna cry in a good way,’ is another clear sign of Webster’s emotional, quick-witted writing. Again, the instrumentation is graceful, as a rippling bass groove and beautiful string section ushers you into Webster’s blissful world. The soft, jazzy eruption of Cheers again shows that paring back the truck load of influences revealed on Atlanta Millionaire Club brings a new found focus. Before the album closes with the record’s intimate track, Half Of Me. Backed simply by a sole acoustic guitar, there’s a vulnerability that perfectly offsets her addictive charm. 

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