Album: Chloe Foy – Where Shall We Begin review

by Julia Kwan

Chloe Foy’s debut album is a breath of fresh air in this hectic world

With one of the most soothing, angelic voices out there, Chloe Foy shares vulnerable lyrics and thoughtful production – on a record that comes together like the perfect recipe for your favourite comfort food. 

There is a brevity to Where Shall We Begin that is reminiscent of Fleet Foxes – making it a beautiful start to the album. While on Deserve, Foy’s voice holds centre stage. The edigness of the guitar, and her captivating, fluttering vocals, dance around each other so elegantly that one can easily get lost. And it’s obvious why her early released single, Work of Art, is already beloved. It’s a feel-good song about musicians and their audiences coming together for a magical moment of joy and bliss.

The relationship between artist and listener is very much symbiotic, and Foy captures this bond precisely. On Bones, seemingly a song about love lost, the melancholy is palpable. And following the gothic folk of Shining Star, Left-Centered Weight sonically brings the mood back up with a beautiful melody, heavenly vocals, and soaring strings that all complement each other lovingly. 

On a special debut, Foy shows that she is undeniably an incredible singer. Hopefully we shall all be blessed with the chance to see her perform in-person soon!

Check out our interview with Chloe here.

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