Warmduscher – Tainted Lunch review

by Joseph Purcell

From Iggy Pop’s opening spoken words, London based post punk band, Warmduscher, welcome the listener to an LP of chaotic madness – a haunting mixture of genres that’s as joyful as it is unsettling.

Midnight Dipper is a surging three minutes of unabashed collisions of sound, creating a perfect base for a swaggering funk performance – with vocals ranging from raucous ear-splitting screams to gentle bursts of spoken word. It feels perfectly pitched underground punk with a splash of swaggering glam. While eighties synth euphoria grips the aptly named Disco Peanuts – it’s fully armed with stalking synths and monotone robotic vocals.

Tainted Lunch, Fill it Don’t Spill It, The Chimp and Blood Load thunder across intermittent bursts of raw punk – each track acting as if a violent short punch to cleanse the pallet before the next statement takes hold. On an album of such variation, centrepiece, Burner, still manages to feel a little out of place. Incorporating the talents of Kool Keith, it feels somewhat forced, in all the ways that the glorious Iggy Pop infused drug trip of opener Rules of the Game does not.

Concluding with the ensnaring nursery rhyme balladry of Tiny Letters, our journey is brought to an end. Tainted Lunch is a quite remarkable effort, Encapsulating, unsettling, down right bizarre, and yet remarkably vital.

Secret Meeting score: 83


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