The Lovely Eggs – I Am Moron review

by Andrew Lewis

When an album appears on the scene and it reflects society perfectly, it freaks me out. The Lovely Eggs have done just that with an absolute cracker of a record – I Am Moron. But the irony is that they recorded this well before the half-arsed lockdown we are currently all suffering, proving that their fingers were on the pulse well before the birth of this current Orwellian disaster.

They do nothing conventional. They’re a duo for a start – and they’re married. They’re vitriolic and amusing in everything they speak about. Standout, You Can Go Now, is a master class in lyrical simplicity covering Anthea Turner, microwave meals and football fixtures – proving they’re probably the best social commentators in the country who continue to operate beneath the radar. But those who know – ‘know’! Which is why Piccadilly Records in Manchester filled their entire front window with copies of this LP this week.

Opener, Long Stem Carnations, is a freaky cross-genre trip – single note bass lines, repetitive overdubs and wonderfully bendy melodies is the perfect set up for the collection. You’ve Got The Balls is a concoction of The Beta Band and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, while The Mothership is a rather cute anti-love song that could have been on Blur’s eponymous record – and it’s the only let up throughout.

Do yourself a massive favour and stick it on now. You’re stuck at home – you really have no excuse. The Lancaster pair were making psychedelic punk music well before it was cool to do so, and they’ll be making it for a long time after. I Am Moron is going straight in to my Top Five of 2020 and I can guarantee that it will stay.

Stay safe.

Secret Meeting score: 92

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