Sound & Vision with Jeremy Tuplin

Somerset born singer/songwriter, Jeremy Tuplin, has been described by BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson as ‘a cosmic gem’, and when we heard his wondrous new record, Pink Mirror, we surely had to agree.

But despite picking out a whole load of cool influences from the LP, we wanted to know what made him tick in his own words. So, these are Tuplin’s Sound & Vision choices:

Oh, and if you’ve not checked out his record yet, what y’waiting for?

– Three favourite albums

Very hard obviously to whittle down to three, but I’ll go for: David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars; this album made an indelible impression on me in my formative years (although they’re all formative years to a certain extent).

Big Thief – Capacity; it took me a little while to come around to them, but I think they could be the best band around at the moment.

Lastly, Cass Mccombs – Big Wheel & Others; it could be one of many Cass Mccombs’ albums, but this is possibly my favourite. If you told me I could only listen to one artist’s body of work for the rest of my life, I would reply Cass without hesitation.

– One favourite book

I’m going to go with Somerset Maugham’s The Moon & Sixpence. If you’re looking for a special piece of literature, then nearly every line in that is like its own miniature work of art. He’s got such a beautiful way of writing, of putting into words thoughts that you’ve had but could never describe, not to mention layered meanings and the knack for revelations that can genuinely be pretty shocking. Special mentions to The Road by Cormac McCarthy and The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.

– One favourite film

What We Do In The Shadows. I’ve gone with a comedy, why not. I’m a serious kind of guy, but we live in an absurd world, and it’s good to indulge in something that accentuates that from time to time. And I have indulged. This film’s obviously slightly removed from reality but it’s very in line with my particular sense of humour. There’s a real sub-layer of understatement and subtlety to it too that allows for many many repeat viewings.

– One song that’s important to me

Ah, can I say two? Bob Dylan’s Simple Twist Of Fate still gets me every time, and Democracy by Leonard Cohen I think is one of the cleverest songs that’s ever been written. It concisely, poignantly and humorously encapsulates more or less how I feel about it all.

Pink Mirror is out now through Trapped Animal Records. Click here to purchase.

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