Sound & Vision with Boy Scouts

Taylor Vick aka Boy Scouts has just released Free Company. A fantastic third length effort that has seen the Oakland based singer/songwriter really raise her game on her Anti Records debut.

Following the release, we caught up with Taylor to find out what’s provided her inspiration over the years. These are her Sound & Vision picks:


Carole King – Tapestry

Carole King is a songwriting genius and listening to this album feels like receiving the best hug imaginable. I grew up listening to it and think it’s a masterpiece. Every aspect of it is so melodically beautiful and inspiring — her lyrics are so sincere and hopeful, I listen to it and think damn, Carole really has a heart of gold. I love how that comes through in her songwriting.

Elliott Smith – Self Titled

It’s hard to choose which Elliott album is my favourite because everything he’s done is gold. He was such an incredible songwriter and deeply changed the way I think about music. His music moves me in such a big way. He could convey so much with such minimality. His melodies… guitar playing… god damn!

Third Eye Blind – Self Titled

I know that it’s probably uncool to like Third Eye Blind, but this album is one I can listen to on repeat in any situation and never feel tired of it. I have a burned copy of it in my car I must’ve made for myself when I was a teenager and for years, if I’m ever on a long drive, this album is definitely going to be listened to in full. I love the way it feels to listen to it in completion; I just think the order of songs flows so perfectly. I’m a sucker for 90’s alternative rock. I love the way the heavy guitars and I love his scream singing… very fun to sing along to.


Grave of the Fireflies

This is an anime film made in 1988 that tells the story of a young brother and sister trying to survive the last few months of World War II in Japan. It’s one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen, but is equally as beautiful. I think the films that stick with me the most are the ones that make me feel intense feelings of whatever emotion, move me to tears, etc, and this one definitely did that.


“Birds of America” by Lorrie Moore

To choose one favourite book is such a challenge – throughout my life I have had many favourites that were important to me during specific times. It’s hard to choose just one. I do really love the book I’m currently reading, which is a collection of short stories called Birds of America by Lorrie Moore. She has a beautiful way of writing about human nature. Her writing is very insightful, the characters feel so authentic and real. I love the mixture of humour and sadness in the stories too.


Desert Skies – The Marshall Tucker Band

Alright, this song almost inexplicably resonates very deeply with me. It’s a country song that’s six minutes and 30 seconds long. I probably heard it growing up in my parents’ house, but it wasn’t until I was at my best friend’s house in Oakdale, California, while singing karaoke in the living room when one of her Dad’s friends performed this song and I had this like, re-awakening. I was immediately like, “What is this?” and have listened to it on repeat countless times since that night. It’s so silly, but I catch myself feeling some kind of music induced euphoria when I listen to it… it reminds me of the Central Valley, how it felt to grow up there, and how it feels to visit there now. I love the ridiculously long instrumental break, that starts with a saxophone solo, to fiddle(?), guitar solo, back to saxophone and slide guitar. That part’s like three minutes long. I know my Dad loves this song as much as I do too, and my parents saw The Marshall Tucker Band back in the 80s before I was born. Special place in my heart for this song!

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