Single of the Week: No Windows – Shout (Red Song) review

by Phil Scarisbrick

Edinburgh duo, No Windows (made up of sixteen year old multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris and eighteen year old vocalist Verity Slangen), have unleashed the first taster from their forthcoming EP, Fishboy, upon us. Despite being wholly recorded in Morris’ bedroom, the sound of Shout (Red Song) meanders limitlessly, circling and swirling, anchored only by a bass line that itself is anything but static.

Slangen’s vocals sit just beneath the surface, surrounded by ambient wildlife, and never imposing anything more than a transitory rise above the precipice as she sings, ‘How do you know what I feel, I don’t want you to know / Hold me tight I don’t feel right, oh maybe I should just go’. As the song falls apart in the closing moments, we are left with nothing but white noise.

Though only a fleeting glimpse, the less than two and a half minutes of Shout (Red Song) are enough to make sure you’re hooked into what comes next.

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