Song: Madeline Kenney – Sucker review

by Paddy Kinsella

On new single Sucker, Oakland based songwriter, Madeline Kenney, cruises at a graceful speed. With guitar notes that sing like brass, and a vocal that has the nonchalance of someone casually brushing fluff off their shoulder, Kenney’s latest effort has the restraint and decorum of a light dessert after a heavy meal.

As the producer of A O Gerber’s magnificent debut Another Place to Need, the architectural qualities she showcased there are present throughout, particularly in how she interweaves instrumental and vocal sections. A song about how artists continue to make art, often at their own expense, Kenney ends by declaring ‘go on ahead without me’. Her brother with the pick-up truck, the mortgage, and the steady career, takes off as she sits on the porch, pours her seventh cup of coffee and reflects, ‘I’m a sucker’.

Sucker is the first single taken from the upcoming LP, Sucker’s Lunch – out on 31st July through Carpark Records.

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