Song: Gold Baby – Captain Dorego review

by Paddy Kinsella

North London band, Gold Baby, made their entrance with a slew of grunge-pop singles. Of late though, the vulnerability of singer and songwriter, Sian Alex, has been at the front and centre of their recordings. Not only has Alex shared some solo tracks, but they also released Versailles – a heartbreakingly sparse ballad about the moment you notice a chasm has formed in your romantic relationship, but it’s too late to bridge the gap.

 Captain Dorego, the first taste of their forthcoming debut EP, Rabbits, continues that streak. Alex is adept at touching a nerve when she’s at her most vulnerable. And that’s no different on Captain Dorego. A song about information overload couldn’t have arrived at a more fitting time when every morning we awake to death tolls. Alex performs a sort of lyrical acrobatics, relaying all the information she’s been fed that day before running out of steam – audibly exhaling at the stress of it all. She longs for a simpler time – ‘I’ll make you tea / Can’t you see that this busy life was not cut out for someone like me.’ Overwhelmed in her personal life, Alex and Gold Baby have ironically found a way of keeping things simple of late and it’s resulted in their best and most relatable work yet. Maybe there’s a message for us all in that.

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