Song: Gina Leonard – Hard Time review

by Philip Moss

The moments when winter starts to transition into spring are a special time. In just a matter of days, the snow melts, and the need to wrap up in a big coat is no more. To mark this occasion, Gina Leonard’s new single, Hard Time, opens with the wind and the rain – reminding us of the season that has just passed, the difficult times associated and that we should be grateful for the light.

Stripping away the lo-fi production of her work with Mumble Tide, and the overt pop stylings of her recent release with Rampton Prom, Leonard’s Phoebe Bridgers’ alike voice is very much the beating heart of Hard Time. ‘I’m never gonna give it up easy,’ she sings – a tale of perseverance, defiance and the overcoming of hardships, Leonard states that the upcoming EP is a chance to hear how songs begin for her. But by presenting her songwriting as the bare roots, the shoots of what makes emotive songwriting so wonderful are presented here in bloom.

Gina Leonard’s debut solo EP is out on 11th March on Nothing Fancy.

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