Song: Chloe Foy – Left Centred Weight review

by Emma Riley

With her enchanting vocals, Chloe Foy is singing the woes of the year away with forthcoming single, Left Centred Weight.

Perfectly blending delicate melody with fragile lyrics, the songwriter lulls us into a false sense of security with a voice to keep you warm in these cold times. Turning her tales of home into a universal lesson – emphasised as she reminds herself, ‘go easy brain,’ Foy’s soothing melodies gently land like a falling star to bring darkness into light. Taking us through each stage of the grieving process, Left Centred Weight details the mortality experienced by Foy at a young age, who explains:

‘It’s about feeling that everyone’s going to die, which comes about from having grieved once before. But ultimately coming to terms with it and making peace.’

Easily represented by different petals of the same flower, each honest aspect of this emotional journey is just like a rose with thorns – beautiful, but painful. The classical feel of her flowerbed string arrangement sows the seeds in your memory – allowing Left Centred Weight to blossom in the entirety of your mind.

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