Single of the week: Buck Meek – Roll Back Your Clocks review

by Philip Moss

The lockdown experience has been one that has provided a whole host of differing emotions for everyone – as discussed so brilliantly in Phil Scarisbrick’s recent feature, The Sound of Silence. And this has particularly been the case for musicians who, with no opportunity to perform shows, has meant that while some have entered a black hole of writer’s block, others have found it a time to clear the mind, and dig deep into a period of undisturbed inspiration.

Seemingly, Buck Meek falls into the latter camp, as Roll Back Your Clocks is just one of a number of songs that he conjured up during the pandemic. Rather than wait for an opportunity to get his band together for a live recording session though, he sent each of them a solo acoustic version of the song via email, asked them to add their parts, and then forward their contributions onto Andrew Sarlo – who’d recently produced U.F.O.F. and Two Hands with Meek’s band, Big Thief; all of this without any of the band members hearing each other’s ideas.

The results, which are a true testament to the instinctive magic of collaboration, mark a real change in feel from Meek’s self titled solo debut. Not only have the jagged edges of Meek’s Texan drawl been soothed, but so has the ramshackle feel of the instrumentation; the outcome being the most beautiful two and half minutes of music you will hear this week – a warm balm that provides the perfect antidote to the madness of the world outside our windows.

Roll Back Your Clocks is out now on Keeled Scales.

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