Song: 2nd Grade – Boys in Heat review

by Philip Moss

One of my earliest music related memories is my dad telling me how great T Rex’s Ride A White Swan was – not just because it’s a fantastic song, but because it’s a fantastic song that lasts just over two minutes. ‘So why would you not just drop the needle and play it again straight away?’ he’d say. And this is a philosophy that absolutely applies to Boys in Heat – as it clocks in at a rapid-fire one minute and seventeen seconds.

But this isn’t a style unique to the new single. No – in fact, their upcoming album rattles through twent-four ditties in a mere forty-one minutes. And on Boys in Heat, the Philadelphia based five piece, led by Friendship guitarist, Peter Gill, pay homage to the jangle of Big Star, fuzzy 90s power pop and the surf rock harmonies of the West Coast on their best single to date.

And with debut album, Hit to Hit, coming out on Double Double Whammy (Florist, Hovvdy) on 29th May, 2nd Grade’s four singles to date suggest that this is going to be another stonkin’ release from the Brooklyn based label. But in the meantime, Boys in Heat will most certainly keep you ticking over – and it’s so much fun that you’ll just want to play it again, again and again!

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