Single of the week: Lizzie Reid – Bible review

by Craig Howieson

Glaswegian singer-songwriter, Lizzie Reid, is fast becoming an artist who demands your attention. Her debut EP, Cubicle – released in 2021 – was far more than a set of soft folk musings. It contained an arresting undertow of light and shadow – displaying the gritted teeth and ecstasy of a songwriter at home with a pen in their hand.

Reid’s latest single, Bible, is as impressive, if not more so, than all of her output to date. The track is blessed with gorgeous production embellishments that undoubtedly add to its endearing nature. But if truth be told, Reid needs little more than her guitar and voice to make her point.

Life can be terrifying, and, the thought of going through it alone, unbearable. But to find those we wish to keep close, we need to put ourselves on the line – inviting the opportunity for hurt so that we can find happiness. Reid displays an almost unnerving understanding of this human condition on Bible, and listening in, you can’t help but relate to wanting to be someone… to someone.

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