Single of the week: Joey Nebulous – Break/Jennifer Aniston review

by Craig Howieson

Joey Nebulous display a flight of fancy irreverence that perfectly matches modern living – underpinned by social media bombardment. Newly signed to the truly excellent Dear Life roster, the project of Chicago’s Joseph Farago provides a stunning introduction to his world on new single, Break. Accompanied by Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos on backing vocals, Farago delivers an irresistibly twee slice of indie-pop. His voice, immediately recognisable and near impossible to replicate, vibrates at the highest range of his limits, teetering on collapse but only adding to the devil may care attitude of the song. 

The track’s b-side, Jennifer Aniston, is equally as impressive. Split into two distinct halves, the first a slow burn Beach Boys-alike ballad, the second spiky and jangling power pop, Farago shows an enviable ease with which he can flip through not just lyrics stuffed with cultural touch points, but also musical styles. There are hints of Belle and Sebastian, Aberfeldy and even the Moldy Peaches, as well as the slew of close knit contemporaries who have influenced his sound. 

Everything about these tracks suggests Joey Nebulous are all about making the good times last, and goading you to take them seriously. But when the songs are this good, it’s hard not to. 

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