Single of the week: Green-House – Find Home review

by Philip Moss

Last year’s debut EP, Six Songs for Invisible Gardens, arrived at the perfect moment. A biome of sampled ‘house noises’, soft synth wanderings and tape hiss – a misting of calmness for both the discerning houseplant parent, as well as the blooms and seedlings themselves, who thrown into a new found state of permanent cohabitation.

Debut album, Music for Living Spaces, carries on in much the same headspace – with quietude seeping from every movement – but there’s progress too. Less sound collages, it is more melodically defined with Olive Ardizoni’s new work following more defined ‘song’ structures across nine equally special pieces of music.

But a noticeable change comes on the record’s penultimate song, Find Home, when we hear their voice for the first time on a Green-House recording. ‘I follow the wind, and I fly home, fly home / I follow the trees… I follow the moon, and I fly home, fly home…’ the LA based songwriter sings – almost whispers – in a tone that couldn’t be more ideally matched.

‘Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream,’ John Lennon sang on Tomorrow Never Knows – and  embodying that very mantra – nothing here will disturb the stillness.

Debut album, Music for Living Spaces, is out on Leaving Records now.

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