Single of the Week: Angelo De Augustine – Another Universe

By Craig Howieson

Sometimes it is not until something (or someone) comes back into our life, that you realise how much of a hole had been left behind. The music of Angelo De Ausgustine is beautiful, poetic and unassuming, blessed with the ability to move you without you noticing. And it is that very quality that, at times, can make you take it for granted.

His latest single Another Universe is a timely reminder of his genius; a calming and meditative portal into a secret bunker of shimmering guitars and impossibly captivating vocals. Describing the track as ‘a safe world. The kind of place in which only good things happen,’ De Augustine offers up a respite from the at times overbearing burden of day to day living. It is a respite that is easy to forget you need, and one to be all the more thankful for. 

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