Iceage – Gorilla, Manchester – 9th September 2018

Secret Meeting score: 71

by Joey Cobb

On a quiet Sunday night in Manchester, Denmark’s Iceage showcased the polyphonic barrage of latest album, Beyondless, as well as choice cuts from their back catalogue.

After remaining silent as the band donned their instruments, the crowd were extremely receptive as the Copenhagen natives launched into new album opener, Hurrah– an immediate example of the mature, full sound that has been adopted on their fourth record. Positioned at polar opposites of the stage, a saxophone and violin brought the extra depth and power with an art rock drone reminiscent of Country Life-era Roxy Music.

As rich and energetic as their new material sounded, it was older songs Morals, Ecstasy and The Lord’s Favourite that stirred the audience into a swirling mosh pit, filling the room with a tangible electricity. Front man, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, channeled the magnetism and swagger of Jagger, Morrison and Nick Cave, and was an unrelenting focal point throughout.

But as the show went on, Rønnenfelt’s drawl, forever up against the squall and squeak of saxophone and violin, began to wear heavy. But by blending distantly familiar elements of heavy post punk, classic rock and even jittering hillbilly, Iceage showed just enough to keep them curiously captivating throughout.

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