Pixies – Apollo, Manchester – 18th September 2019

by Ella McNulty

As part of their first European tour in two years, Pixies returned to Manchester following the release of their new album, Beneath the Eyrie.

The band announced that each night of the tour would compromise a different set list, so Setlist FM offers no clues as to what you may encounter – the band choosing just moments before entering the stage from their repertoire of 90+ songs. Drummer, David Lovering, declared – “The best is when you can sense what the next song should be based on the atmosphere in the room. That’s really, ultimately what we’re going for, to read the room and to be able to make the right choice.” And no one could complain at the explosive opening trio of Debaser, Wave of Mutilation and Planet of Sound.

At no point during the show did Black Francis waste any time in talking to the audience: the show was all about the music. No distractions. Despite this, they held the sell out crowd in the palm of their hands. Every single one of the 36 song set – through hits such as Where is My Mind? and Here Comes Your Man – commanded the room, feeling powerful and life changing.

The crowd may have resembled the most punk rock PTA meeting, but the Boston based band still attract an audience who feel a real sense of community. A monumental evening.

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