Five Right Now: Moontype

As if an oxymoron, the works of Moontype possess such a variety of dynamics that at first glance they should not work together – and so perhaps it is even more of a credit to their songwriting abilities that once you delve into their works, you become not only fully immersed, but invested within the narratives that spiral from their melodies. And if it’s not the ever-changing storylines of Moontype that hook you in, then the bewitching lulls of Margaret Mccarthy, and the eerie harmonies that lie adjacent will make sure this record won’t be leaving your ears any time soon

A band emerging from the thriving musical ecosystem of Chicago, we caught up with Moontype ahead of their upcoming release on Born Yesterday Records, Bodies Of Water, to see who they’ve been listening to as of late.

Picked by Ben: Adrianne Lenker – Half Return


Adrianne Lenker is one of our generation’s greatest songwriters, full stop. She writes music full of grace that reminds me of the earth that runs through my veins. When her songs and instrumentals album came out, I listened to it every day for a month. She understands the great suffering and pleasure of life like few others do and makes me feel deeply human.

Picked by Ben:  Pom Poko – Like a Lady


This one is a new discovery for me. Pom Poko are some really talented musicians from Norway, and their music was one of the few things I’ve heard in recent memory that made me shake my head with happiness. The songs are living, breathing, dancing little worlds that shimmer and creak and hurl small shiny objects at you with joyful abandon.

Picked by Emerson: youbet – My Side


This was maybe my most listened to record of 2020, and I always come back to My Side. It’s fuzzy and full of little auditory treasures, and the chorus has been stuck in my head for so long that it seems impossible not to list it here.

Picked by Emerson:  Helena Deland – Fruit Pit


The vocals and production on the whole record are so beautiful and this song really showcases both. I love how patient this song is, and how the changes in texture after each pause pull me in even after listening many times.

Picked by Margaret:  Katy Kirby – Cool Dry Place


This song has been rolling around my head on repeat for a few weeks now and I love it. It’s a song that makes me feel at home; I feel I can sit right inside it next to Katy Kirby’s clear voice. There’s a simple drama in the lyrics that plays out as the song swells up at the end. I’ve never seen her play although she did mix sound for a show I played in Nashville with Joey Nebulous, as I remember she was nice to us, and it was a hot night. Anyway, I’m grateful to her for sharing all of the songs on Cool Dry Place – her brand-new record. So nice to be wrapped up in them

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