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Our experiences of the world are shaped by those who have come before, and defined by those who come after. We all have our own small part to play in the lives of others, be that as friends, children, parents or passing acquaintances, and the beauty of existence and knowledge that our time will come to an end is something that unites us all.

In casting their eye back to their own youth, Scotland’s Broken Records have created an absorbing, nostalgia soaked reflection on their new album The Dreamless Sleep of the 1990s. A record indebted to formative influences it transports listeners to a more carefree, safer time. Lead singer Jamie Sutherland has rarely sounded as at home on record, his deep, midnight hour voice commanding each track. Around him, the group paint in daubs of college rock, heartland Americana and emphatic indie rock while never belying their Scottish roots. 

The Dreamless Sleep of the 1990s is a record that dwells in the past but is not defined by it. Broken Records appreciate that no life is lived in isolation and by celebrating all that has come before while awaiting the future with open arms is what gives life its meaning.

To coincide with this rather special album’s release; Jamie Sutherland shares five tracks that the band have had on rotation recently.  

Raveloe – Clouds Are Release

I’m really enjoying this new single from Raveloe. The drum groove in the verses is excellent and I really like the total gear change into the chorus. It’s got hints of The Delgados and Kim’s voice is magic. We’re really looking forward to them joining us for our Edinburgh album launch show in October.

Mickey Dolenz – Shiny Happy People (REM)

We’re all fans of REM and they’re a big influence for us, so not surprising there’s one of their songs in here.  It’s obviously not a recent track but it’s one that we’ve been listening to a lot really recently. For guitarist Craig’s birthday a few weeks ago he got some pals together to form a covers band with him for the party, and this is one of the songs we blasted through. Just a couple of days afterwards this Mickey Dolenz cover version was released and it’s incredible! It’s been given the full Pet Sounds treatment and is instantly on my list of best cover versions ever. I’m now wishing we’d played this version at the birthday party! 

The Little Kicks – On & On & On

The Little Kicks have been good pals for years. We started out around the same time, have played a bunch of shows together and Craig’s recorded some of their albums. And we’re really looking forward to Steven Milne’s solo set when he joins us for our upcoming Aberdeen show. On & On & On is a favourite from their recent album People Need Love with its super tight synth led groove.

Anna Lapwood – On The Nature Of Daylight (Max Richter)

Another recent cover version that stands up brilliantly against the original but with a different take on it. Max Richter’s also an influence with a nice Edinburgh connection, and seeing him perform Vivaldi Recomposed, The Blue Notebooks and Sleep (Excerpts) have been some of the best concerts I’ve been to.  This arrangement by Anna Lapwood switches the soaring strings of the original for organ and choir, and makes it soothing and even more meditative. It sounds like how Max Richter might have done it if he’d put it on Sleep instead of The Blue Notebooks!

Weezer – Undone (The Sweater Song)


Not a new track at all, but we’ve been tapping into the nostalgia of our youth on the new album and revisiting some of our favourites from the 90s. The whole of the Blue Album is pretty much perfect, but Undone’s lazy main riff, huge choruses and brilliant wig-out outro are just a pure rush of joy that take me back to all the best indie-discos of the past!

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