Five Right Now: <br> Elder Island

Elder Island are a Bristol-based trio that have been making a name for themselves with large-capacity headline shows across the UK and US since 2019’s acclaimed debut full-length, The Omnitone Collection.

Upcoming album, Swimming Static, released May 28th, promises more expansive, house-inspired melodies atop a polished electronica sound that provides the perfect foil for Katy Sargent’s storytelling tendencies, giving Elder Island’s music as much a place in sundown soul-searching as the long-awaited night out.

Bassist and beat maestro Luke Thornton talked Secret Meeting through some new music that the band – completed by synth master David Havard – think we should be listening to…

KeiyaA – Nu World Burdens

I came across this artist last year when she released her debut album, Forever, Ya Girl, and it blew me away. The album is full of tracks that sound so rich but at the same time reasonably Lo-Fi. The track I’ve picked is a nice example of the grooves that are on the record.

HEKA – Umami

A local Bristol band that are sonically cooking up something interesting with an amazing visual output too. They’ve released three tracks so far accompanied with amazing graphic novel-esque videos and each track so far has stood out in its own unique way.

YOKEL – Smell of Deer

The whole release is a journey to be had. Spectral layering and rhythmic chugs to lock into.
It’s a favourite of mine of the recent releases coming from Bristol collective ATC (Avon Terror Corps). The track Safernoc is a palpable collaboration, featuring the uncompromising vocals of Dali de Saint Paul. A voice that feels like it speaks straight to your insides.

SCALPING – Chamber

When bands play live again would recommend booking a date to see them. It’s aggressively meditative with a serious visual spectacle to match. One hell of a festival band!

Harvey Causon – Fourth Wall

Can see big things happening for this guy. Very strong production fitting into the Neo-soul, Nu jazz world.  Looking forward to hearing what comes next.

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