Five Right Now: Ailsa Tully

An artist with a knack for finding an ability to translate the nature that surrounds her into a beautiful yet moody combination of melodies, Ailsa Tully is at the forefront of the Welsh alternative scene. Fresh from touring the UK with Another Sky, Tully has returned with follow up, Holy Isle, and delivered a body of work that, while cinematic in sound, remains distinctly personable.

Following her latest release, we caught up with the Dalliance signed artist to hear who she’d been listening to. These are her picks:

Cate Le Bon – Are You With Me Now?    

I first listened to Cate when she was announced to be playing Greenman a few years ago. I put Are you with me now on repeat for about six months. I then fell in love with all the beautiful men in her band at the festival, got slightly distracted there….anyway! I love the wonkiness of her music, it’s uncomfortable yet familiar. Her voice has that perfect Welsh lilt (it’s one of the best accents, let’s be honest). She’s so fresh and creative, but her music is also rooted in something that feels very homely to me.

Rozi Plain – Dark Park  

I started listening to Rozi Plain because of her connection to This Is The Kit. Her sonic landscapes are glorious. There is something childlike in her music in a really amazing way, it feels curious and imaginative. Her lyrics are very straightforward and conversational, I love how unpretentious they are. I saw her once in Croydon station – she was wearing a lovely coat.

 Okay Kaya – Asexual Wellbeing  

Okay Kaya seems to be quite a mysterious character, I always see her modelling clothes on the COS website. I think she writes great melodies, but mainly I think her lyrics are really clever, particularly on Asexual Wellbeing. They are so funny and frank – she’s very cool.

Fleet Foxes – Fool’s Errand     

I am a long term lover of Fleet Foxes, I grew up on them, they are in my bones!  Every time I drive in the mountains I listen to them religiously. I love the direction they took in Crack up, such delicate and immersive moments followed by such raw aching emotion. My Dad used to love them too, reminding him of all those lovely beach boys-esk harmonies with a folk twist.

Sudan Archives – Come Meh Way  

I am a cellist and after a while gave up on using the Cello to accompany my voice, Sudan Archives made me wish I hadn’t. She uses an electric Violin to accompany her voice and creates these amazing soundscapes with it. She’s stunning to watch live, it’s an incredible skill to sing and play Violin so well and with such creativity, she makes it look so easy.

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