EP: Elanor Moss – Cosmic

by Philip Moss

Seemingly in a very different place to where we found her last year, Elanor Moss rebalances the scales 

Headspace is a strange thing – and our mood can completely alter the way we perceive two identical events to feel very different. On her second collection, Elanor Moss looks back on the personal traumas that inspired her debut EP, Citrus, and replaces the tears with laughter, and the regret with control and healing.

Cosmic is no less autobiographical. But the diary entires ten months on read very differently. Sorry Song accepts her part in the collapse of the anonymous relationship that inspired Citrus – displaying a playful tone that suggests the hurt has mostly subsided: ‘I’m sorry for all of the takeaway food/I promise that I’ll get the dishes done soon/I’ll scrub away every stain/The soap keeps the monsters away.’ While Catholic sees the York songwriter looking at herself in the mirror – questioning who the real Elanor Moss is – and showing yet another side to her writing on a song that very much fits alongside the indie pop of Julia Jacklin’s Crushing.

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