Song: BUGS – Nick Gowland / The Garden review

by Dave Bertram

BUGS are the latest fresh-off the block London indie four-piece on Sad Club Records – home to the likes of John Myrtle and L.A. Peach – and have a debut single for ya’ll to wrap your ears around.

Chorus-drenched guitars dominate on Nick Gowland – a slow-beat, death wish to bullies and those that are generally inconsiderately aggressive towards others. Rightly so too, call the bastards out!

But where the lead track feels a little forced in places, B-side The Garden is more heartfelt and authentic and more aptly showcases the song-writing talents these Goldsmiths’ alumni clearly possess.

The soft melodic chords with finger-picked notes mix the tones of Kurt Vile with the progression turns of their early 90s forebears, and the repeated chorus line is delivered with an aching sincerity.

If there’s more like this to come, they might quickly outlive their ones-to-watch tag.

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