Album: POSTDATA – Twin Flames review

by Joseph Purcell

Anchored in musings that go to the very core of the human existence, Twin Flames is a collection of poignant observations that provide a gentle touchstone to keep us on track

Paul Murphy’s creative voyage as POSTDATA continues on his third record under the moniker – bringing together joyful bursts of abandon, which crash against melancholic waves of hushed percussion.

The former is present on Nobody Knows. But, as the title suggests, this is a record seeped in the duality of conflicts, and here it is present in the lyrical content, as Murphy wrestles against the shuffling of Paul Simon-alike guitars with a list of his faults and failings – ‘I’m not good when the party’s packed / I’m not good when there’s nobody left / I’m not good when I’m all by myself / I fear for my health.’ 

But despite the self critique, Murphy appears rational. With an atmospheric cannon at his back, there’s a heartfelt transcendence to the title track. Lyrically, he looks at hope and celebration head on – as well as at the acceptance of his flaws. It is introspective – unbounded and defiant – and Murphy holds up a mirror to his own shortcomings.

Twin Flames is a record that needs to be absorbed – rather than just consumed in the midst of our every day existence. It requires your time to appreciate its detail and charm. It rises and bursts free in unexpected places. It is, as its creator intended, stormy and unpredictable. Yet, it is in these moments that Murphy’s talents are accentuated more so than on any of his previous works. The enthralling Inside Out is ramshackle and joyous; it channels the euphoria of Zach Condon’s beautiful yet edgy riptide croon. Murphy elevates to an outpouring crescendo, as he howls ‘I love you from the inside out’ as the combination of melody and brass crash through the speakers in a tsunami of uninhibited joy.

Twin Flames is an explosive expedition through Murphy’s commentary on reality. Encapsulating self-doubt, internalised pressure, and the need for reflection and poise, Murphy guides us through a series of intensely personal vignettes. His layered soundscapes are, in many ways, the perfect encapsulation of life, as the Canadian songwriter comforts us by showing that while the journey is never easy, we can all make it through.

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