Album: Kinder – Different review

by Vanessa Valentine

Marrying R&B with enthralling electronics and delicate piano ballads, Different is a bounteous concoction of sound

An album full of unexpected highs and lows, we are immediately plummeted into Leo Wyatt’s (KINDER) journey of self-discovery. Beginning opens the project with a captivating and hopeful soundscape – setting the pensive tone for Different

A raw and honest look in the mirror, Different delves into the beginning and ending of relationships – both platonic and romantic – and how such circumstances saw Wyatt indulge in destructive behaviours. Heart sees the artist consider, ‘Which part of my body do I give up for love? Is it my heart?’ The thought provoking lyrics of this tender love song are greeted with a cutting vocal, Wyatt’s gentle tone carrying a melancholic rasp. 

Title track, Different, is expertly arranged. The mellow guitar builds over intimate, ambient noise with Wyatt’s charming vocal front and centre. Reflecting on the breakdown of a relationship – ‘nurturing the kindness in us / sometimes we can let that slip’ – the singer-songwriter’s reminiscent and confessional writing style is prevalent throughout. Though it ponders topics of self destruction and depression, as a whole, Different embraces the benefits of self-reflection and vulnerability. 

The London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer illustrates the journey of creating his debut outing, ‘I believe that this process, while long and drawn out, has helped me assess who I am as a human being on this planet and who I want to strive to be as I grow older. I want to be kinder, non-judgemental, forgiving and loving.’ This sentiment rings true on album closer, Hope Is My New Best Friend. Lyrics, ‘‘I understand that bad things come and go / life is complicated but now I see / the meaning in all of it,’ add a worthy ending to a cathartic and intoxicating album.

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