The Saxophones – Eternity Bay review

by Philip Moss

Everything about Eternity Bay, the new record from The Saxophones, feels of another time. But don’t mistake it for a nostalgic throwback – instead, brace yourself for a stunning trip.

Throughout, the musicality is gentle – infectious guitars brush against the record’s spacious and reflective soundscapes. Every single note feels carefully laboured over. Every pluck of bass and every pondering tom hit is considered. New Taboo’s airy opening feels Lynchian – its chorus is addictively opulent. Heavy questions come on Flower Spirit. While Forgot My Mantra has a buried yearning for contentment with a weightiness that adds an absorbing depth.

Take My Fantasy’s delivery borders on the spoken word – songwriter Alexi Erenkov recalls Kevin Morby lost in 1950s San Francisco with only Lee Hazelwood for company. While the lullaby title track brings the record to a contemplative close – ‘Think of the difference you could make instead of all your small mistakes.’ 

So drop the needle and sit back – Eternity Bay is a time capsule of warm fuzziness that will transport you to a place in the distant past. Let its elegance entangle itself into your psyche.

Secret Meeting score: 85


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