Sound & Vision with Van Houten

Three albums that are important to you:

Timeline by Mild High Club

This album was massively inspirational to our sound, especially on our debut album. We heard about this album from a close friend of ours, he put the song windowpane on  and we were instantly hooked by the psychedelic pop sound and lo-fi production.

Forever Dolphin Love by Connan Mockasin

We are drawn to all of Connan’s work because of the profound sense of concept and artistry that he takes to his albums. There’s always a distinct and interesting concept. There’s nothing quite like his dreamy sound and unique songwriting. The love versions of the songs on here make you appreciate the level of musicianship and performance from him and his band.

Greatest Hits by Take That

We’re suckers for Take That, just good classic dad pop.

One favourite film –

Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson

It’s just so beautiful to look at, plus we all love sweet doggos. The story is touching, but very comedic and light hearted at the same time.

One song that’s important –

Night on Earth by Jerkcurb

This song inspired the jazzy and dreamy elements in our sound massively. The chord changes in this song are so beautiful, and it made us rethink our approach to guitar playing and arrangement. This song is probably the biggest single inspiration for starting the band in the way we did.

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