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The much-anticipated third album from Tuvaband, Growing Pains & Pleasures, arrives on 21st May following the Norwegian Grammy-nominated, I Entered the Void, and a growing collection of plaudits since 2018’s debut, Soft Drop.

The album teasers seem to promise a return to the brooding sound of the more ethereal early efforts of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser, the singer, songwriter and producer behind the solo project known as Tuvaband. After recent offering, Post Isolation – a cinematic shoegaze-like wall of sound that ebbs and elevates across its shapeshifting structure – new single, Fully Mature Things, is an inventively emotional traverse through trials faced during the times of change that informed the album’s direction.

Tuva kindly spoke with Secret Meeting to give an insight into what informs her music and more… These are their Sound & Vision picks:

Three albums I love

Kurt Vile – Childish Prodigy

I think this is my favourite album. It makes me feel very good. It also inspires me as a songwriter and producer, both through the music, but also for writing lyrics. I like the raw and unpolished sound.

Lee Scratch Perry – Science, Magic, Logic 

One of the best producers I know about is Lee Scratch Perry. The production of this album is one of the coolest productions I know about. When I’m with other people and is the one who puts on music, this album always fits to the occasion.

Eartheater – Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin 

I discovered this album in 2020 and was amazed. It’s the coolest album I’ve heard in a long time. I think the songwriting, production and all the elements is super nice. For some reason I feel like this sounds completely new, like something I haven’t heard before. She use old elements in a new and refreshing way, and she sounds so bold in the way she’s done it. Not trying to please anyone.

One film I love

The Shining

This has been my favourite film since forever. This was one of the first horror movies I saw as a child. I wasn’t old enough, and my parents didn’t know I was watching it, so it felt super exciting. I fell for the surreal and confusing side of it. This was the movie that made me get into horror movies.

One book I love

Patti Smith – Just Kids
To be honest, my guilty pleasures can be found in books, because I read a lot of books from one author, which gives me so much pleasure and inspiration. But I’m too embarrassed to say the name out public. The books are super cheesy, and I’m cringing a lot while I read these. So I’m now rather picking a book I love, which I dare to say out loud.

One song that’s important to me

The Kooks – Naive 

From the first years I listened to indie music, this was the song that stuck with me for many years. I think it’s still one of my favourite songs, even if it’s like 15 years since I heard it for the first time. I think it’s still super catchy, and it really takes me back to my youth.

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